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Effective Tuesday, January 2, 2013 at 12:00pm EST, the Referral Rules are officially changed, and in order to register on any Travelers' List nationwide, you must do so by registering on the MOST Boilermaker Delivery System.

MOST mailed out a letter to all Boilermakers explaining how to log onto the system.  This letter included your "User Name" (which is unique to you) and password.  You should reset your password once you log into the system.

Below are the instructions that MOST mailed to Boilermakers nationwide:

Below are the instructions for accessing this system. 

1. With your username and password, you  can access  MBDS by doing the following: 
    a. Open  an Internet   browser 
    b. Go  to 
    c. Click the "Get Started Here" button or the "Login" link in the top right corner  
    d. Enter  your   username  and  password  
    e. Click   the   Login button   to   continue  

2. Once logged into   the   system, you  can  view   your   Dashboard.   Your   Dashboard  features   pertinent   information   about your  
MBDS status, including but not limited to: 
    a. eligibility   status  
    b. lodge  number 
    c. penalty  status  
    d. working  status  

Additionally,  your   contact  information, qualifications  and  work  history   will  also   be  available   for your   viewing. 

3. You   will  also   have   access   to   select  your   Preferred   Locals   in  the   Travelers   Pool   (If   you   are currently   on  another  locals  out  of  
work  list  you  will  have  to   re ‐register  on  the   new   Delivery  System’s   Travelers   Pool).   Please   note  that   the   system   will  reset 
January  2,  2013  just   before   12  o’clock   pm EST,   to   provide a  fair   opportunity   for  everyone.   To  put your  name  on  the  
Travelers   Pool   be  prepared   to   sign   on  at   12pm  EST  on  January  2,  2013.    By   selecting  any  Preferred   Locals,   you   in  effect 
place yourself on  the   Travelers   Pool.  To  select  Preferred   Locals:  
    a. Select the  Preferred   Locals   link   from  the  dropdown  menu  under  Applicants  in   the   menu  bar  near  the  top   of   the  
        page   (If  you   are  unable   to   advance  to   this  page,  it   means you   are not qualified   to   travel  and   must contact MOST  for 
        more  details). 
    b. Choose   Locals  from   the  page  by   selecting   the   checkbox   for  each   Local  you   prefer.   If  you   wish   to   select an  entire 
        region,   click   the   Select   All checkbox   for  each   region.  When  you  have   selected  all   of  your   preferred   locals,  click   Save  
        to   be taken  back   to   your   Dashboard.  
4. If   you   do  place  yourself on  the   Travelers   Pool   by   selecting  Preferred   Locals,   your   Locals  will  be  valid   for  30  days   barring  
renewal.   You  can   renew   your  Preferred   Locals   at   any  time  during   the   30 day  window. Once the  30  day  period  has  expired, 
your   Preferred   Locals   will  be erased   and  you   will  effectively  be  removed  from   the   Travelers   Pool.  To  renew   your   Preferred  
Locals   for 30 days, click  on  the   green  renewal  icon  on your   Dashboard.   

1755 Fairlane Drive* Allen Park, MI 48101*phone (313) 584-8520 * fax (313) 584-8777